Secure Long Term Self Storage in Brighton, Bentleigh, and Bentleigh East

There are many different reasons you may be looking for long term storage in Bentleigh East, whether you are moving, facing home renovations, travelling or working abroad, facing military deployment, downsizing your home, or just increasing your storage space for your home or business. When you search for long term storage in Bentleigh, one of the highest priorities should be the safety and security of your belongings. With Superior Storage, you benefit from secure self storage in Brighton that is easily accessible.

How To Assess the Security of a Self Storage Facility in Bentleigh East

When you research different facilities for your long term storage in Bentleigh East, security needs to be your top priority. When you talk to the staff members or research the unit in person or online, pay attention to their equipment. At the minimum, there should be video cameras with 24/7 real time monitoring. To further ensure the safety of your belongings, you should look for units that have individual alarms, as well as perimeter fencing and an electronic gate. When comparing the different facilities, you should go to the places in person and look at their security system to ensure it provides secure self storage in Brighton. Superior Storage uses the latest in security equipment to ensure your belongings are safe. Additionally, the units are enclosed in a building surrounded by a perimeter fence and an electronic gate that increases the protection.

How to Protect Your Belongings With Long Term Storage in Bentleigh

Although the security system and associated amenities of the facility will play an important role in the protection of your belongings during long term storage in Bentleigh East, there is further action you can take to reduce the risk to your furniture and personal or professional items, including your packing process. You should use high quality boxes made for moving and storage, as they will be stronger and last longer. When packing fragile items, use bubble wrap and other protective layers. When stacking items in the self storage Bentleigh East unit, put the heavier items on the bottom row and lighter items on top. Additionally, you should use furniture covers or protectors to reduce any damage that could happen to the furniture. Before storing the items, inspect the unit for any water leaks, pests, insects, or other things that could pose a risk beyond theft. Superior Storage provides a safe environment that mitigates many of the threats, both human and otherwise, to your belongings.

Why Choose Superior Storage for Your Long Term Storage in Bentleigh

For over 10 years, people have chosen Superior Storage for their secure self storage in Brighton. They have conveniently located locations that make it easy to travel to and from the unit when you need to access your belongings. You can enter your unit at any time during the normal working hours with a convenient drive up access, making it easy to bring or remove any of your belongings. Furthermore, they offer affordable prices that are typically 20 to 30 percent less expensive than the competitors. You can get high quality self storage in Bentleigh East for as little as a month or as long as you want, with no locked-in contracts.

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