Prepare your Home for Sale with Mobile Self Storage Solutions in Melbourne

When you sell your home, you do not always move into the new property right away, so you need to store your belongings. You also may be downsizing your home, or have to make some renovations to your new home before you can move all your belongings. With Superior Storage's mobile self storage solutions in Melbourne, you can easily store your belongings while you prepare for the sale of your home, and then easily transfer the items to your new home.

How Does Mobile Self Storage Work?

Mobile self storage in Melbourne is a convenient way to pack up and move your belongings. A container unit is sent to your home. You simply box up your belongings and transfer them to your mobile self storage unit. Once all your furniture, clothing, and other items are in the container, you call to have it picked up. The container is then stored in a safe and secure location, where you can access it at any time during business hours. When you are ready to move your belongings into your new home, the container is transferred to your home, and you simply unpack it. With Superior Storage, you can take advantage of the many benefits of mobile storage solutions in Melbourne for a highly competitive cost.

Tips for your Mobile Self Storage in Melbourne

When you pack up your belongings, there are a few tips that will help protect your goods during the packing, transfer, and storage, especially when you use mobile self storage solutions in Melbourne. You want to clean everything before you pack it, especially metal surfaces, appliances, and electronics. Make sure everything is completely dry to avoid mildew, mould, and rust. Protect your items by packing them in boxes, containers, or other packing supplies. For fragile goods, use bubble wrap and other protective measures. When possible, dissemble furniture to help take advantage of space. Do not forget to pack up, but be sure to place the lighter boxes on top of the heavy ones. Some furniture, especially sofas and loveseats, should be stored in plastic. You never want to place flammable or hazardous materials or perishable goods in your mobile self storage unit.

Superior Solutions: The Best Choice for Mobile Self Storage Cost in Melbourne

It does not have to cost a lot of money to take advantage of the convenience of mobile self storage in Melbourne. Superior Solutions offers their mobile self storage in Melbourne at low cost to you. Their prices regularly beat the competition by 20 to 30 per cent. In addition to offering low prices, they also have a safe and secure facility. Every unit has its own alarm and access code, so only you and those authorised by you can get into your unit. Additionally, there are video cameras inside and outside with 24/7 monitoring and digital recording. There is a fence around the exterior with an electronic safety gate. You can access your unit at any time you wish during the business hours, and there is drive in access. Residents have continually chosen Superior Storage for its safety, convenience, and accessibility for over 10 years.

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